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Architectural Drawings in Kent

Planning drawings help project designers and owners understand how the building will look once completed. Providing the necessary details and instructions, these architectural drawings entail innovative ideas and stimulate discussions regarding the building’s structure and design.

If you’re living in Kent and planning to alter or rebuild your house, Krystal Architecture is the ideal choice. As the leading architectural firm, we have been providing excellent services of architectural drawings in Kent for years. Our experts provide site-specific designs and create accurate planning drawings that will help you get planning permission and building regulations approval.

Benefits of Architectural Planning Drawings

Our house planning drawings in Kent can benefit you in many ways:

Improves Communication: Our layout planning drawing in Kent will let you effectively interact with your designers, and you can express what you need and want so that they can change your home according to your preferences.

Enhances Quality: The architectural planning will enable the construction crew to better comprehend the project scope and the desired outcome.

Choice of Materials: Once you have a plan and design, you can choose the best materials for the task, which will be more affordable and provide the highest level of quality for your property.

Helps with Planning Permission: Architectural plans can aid in obtaining planning permission when making changes to the exterior or interior of your home or altering the entire structure.

Creating Perfect Planning Drawings

Site Plans: The site plan comes first in the process. It shows the building’s boundary, existing features, and topography, which helps you decide the size and design of the building.

Floor Plans: One of the most crucial phases is the floor plan designing phase. Everything else, including the HVAC, plumbing, lighting, etc., depends on the floor plans. As you develop the floor plans, you’ll need to produce a combination of 2D and 3D drawings.

Sections: It’s time to start drawing some sections; these drawings help craftsmen understand how different building components fit together. They are vertical projections that appear as if one is standing in front of them, such as walls, windows, doors and openings.

Elevations: The creation of the outside building elevations is the last process. These drawings will display crucial information regarding the building’s facade, including measurements, exterior surface materials, doors and windows finishes.


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Planning drawings are created to understand the design and structure of the building, to get new concepts and ideas, and to ensure compliance with the planning permission and building regulations.

The cost of home planning drawings depends on the size of your property and the kind of drawing services you need. On average, for a single-storey construction drawing, the cost may range from £3000-£5000 and for a double-storey, it is around £4000-£6000.

The time taken by an architectural drawing depends on the project’s size and complexity. For a small-scale project such as conversion, the process of developing a planning drawing will take around 1-2 weeks. However, the time may exceed up to 4-6 weeks or more for a bigger or more complicated project.

The following plans and designs are needed for the planning permission:

  • Floor Drawings and Plans
  • Site Plans and Drawings
  • Roof Plans
  • Elevations
  • Sections