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Land Registry Title Plans in Essex

Title plans of land and property are required by law for sale & purchase, transfer of ownership, mortgage applications, dispute resolution, tax purposes, property development, and several other purposes. These plans are submitted to and held by the HM Land Registry department when conducting the activities mentioned above.

At Krystal Architecture, we have a team of accredited and certified professionals who prepare land registry plans in Essex compliant with the requirements set forth by the HM Land Registry department. It is pertinent to mention that non-compliant plans will not be entertained by the authorities, resulting in delayed transactions.

Our professionals are committed to quality services, and we ensure that your title plans are accurate and precise, meeting all the requirements. We have successfully registered the title plans for countless customers to the complete satisfaction of the HM Land Registry department.

We Ensure Accuracy and Precision

When submitting title plans, the first and foremost thing to ensure is that the land registry title plans in Essex are 100% accurate. For example, the boundaries of the property or land should be clearly mentioned, including dimensions and any reference points. The technical drawings have to follow a typical scale accurately representing the measurements.

The use of the scale and symbols should remain consistent. The owner’s name and the property’s parcel number should be clearly mentioned. The drawings should capture as many intricate details as possible, making identification convenient. Our professional team ensures that all these details are captured accurately in the title plans and completely comply with the HM registry department.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our professional team has the latest tools, equipment, and software to produce the most accurate and high-quality land registry title plans. This includes surveying equipment, digital mapping software, and CAD Software. With the help of 3D laser scanning, we can capture the most intricate and hidden details of a property to prepare or recheck the title plans.

Laser scanning provides our experts with detailed mapping, precise boundary measurement, details of exterior & interior structures, and much more. It makes the land registry process time and cost-efficient. When you hire us for your title plans, rest assured you will receive the most accurate plans at a highly affordable cost.

Communication with the Relevant Authorities

Preparing and submitting title plans to the HM Land Registry department is painstaking. It can get challenging if the department has concerns regarding your title plans or have an objection. Our professionals will coordinate with the concerned department to resolve conflicts and ensure your plans comply.

Through our experience, we have learnt the art of communicating with the respective authorities and have a high success rate, evident from the testimonials that our clients have written for us. From preparing your title plans to their successful registration, we will provide you with all the necessary assistance.

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Dispute Resolution

Compliant and accurate title plans can help you resolve any conflict arising from property or land transactions. We ensure all details are reflected in our client’s plans and all risks are mitigated. With accurate title plans in your hand and the HM Land Registry department record, you can protect yourself from property disputes. You can rely on our services and our expertise when it comes to compliant land registry plans.

Brief Process of Preparing Land Registry Title Plans

  1. Property Survey: Our technical team visits your property with their tools and equipment.
  2. Base Mapping: Our professionals perform base mapping. They may use ordinance survey maps as well as 3D scanning.
  3. Drawings: Once all the information has been gathered, drawings or digital representations of the property are created with the help of the data.
  4. Legal Information: All legal information is incorporated in the title plan.
  5. Checking & Verification: All the gathered data and the drawings are rechecked for errors or mistakes.
  6. Approval & Certification: We add our certification and approval to your title plans.
  7. Land Registry Review: The plans are submitted to the HM Land Registry department for review.
  8. Registration: If the plans are compliant, the registration process is complete.

Why Choose Us?

  • Qualified and accredited team of professional surveyors with considerable experience in the preparation of compliant land registry title plans in Essex.
  • An in-house team of experts equipped with the most modern tools and equipment to ensure accurate and precise title plans.
  • Complete services from preparation to registration of title plans, including coordination with the concerned authorities.
  • Quick turnaround time because of the efficient use of 3D laser scanning.
  • Highly competitive rates in the market to keep your costs low and affordable.
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No, not all land requires registration. Some land remains unregistered because the necessary events, like a sale or mortgage, have not occurred, often due to long-term ownership.

To access the register, you can place an online order through www.lnaddregistery-uk.com and opt for the “search by map” service.

Typically, it takes about 14 months to register a property, but in some cases, it can take a few weeks longer.