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Krystal Architecture Ltd is a chartered architectural practice which was founded in Essex in 2017 by a young and dynamic chartered architectural technologist Wilton Ndoro. As the principal designer of a vastly growing contemporary architectural practice, Wilton’s vision was to provide aesthetically pleasing and functional high-quality architectural drawings at competitive prices.

In the six years since this firm was founded, Krystal Architecture has earned a reputable recognition and has become a household name in its locality. Clients have recognised the team’s ability to deliver comprehensive and high-quality architectural design, to specification. Further on, impressed by our project management and saving clients time and headaches from shopping for other needed services as we have developed good working relations with other professional bodies such as builders, engineers structural engineers and acoustic engineers, surveyors and energy assessors whom we recommend where appropriate to specific projects.

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Our Team have extensive knowledge and experience working on large-scale commercial buildings as well as specialising in residential home designs and new residential builds. We showcase different architectural styles and approaches from high-tech architecture, post-modernism and portray new interpretations of traditional architecture.

Our foundations are built on traditional values of simply communicating and availing ourselves when clients need our service. We adopt an approach that distinguishes three pillars, serving as the solidity of our core values, High Quality, Optimum Efficiency, and Refined Precision.

The name Krystal is the epitome of the finest standards and quality, showcased in our craft.

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