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Architectural Drawings in Colchester

Providing Blueprints of Your Visions

Being the foundation of a successful construction and remodelling project, our architectural drawings in Colchester serve as the blueprints to transform your architectural visions into reality. Devised by the latest software, these well-crafted drawings provide a road map for the construction team to complete projects with ultimate precision.

From the basic technical illustrations to final mapping, planning drawings ensure your project is consistent with your needs and fulfils legal standards in every manner.

Catering to all these concerns, Krystal Architecture provides the most reliable services for architecture planning Colchester offers, guaranteeing your home or commercial property exhibits perfection as per your vision.

Extensive Services of Home Planning Drawings

Planning drawings are very versatile, made as per the building requirements. Our extensive services of home planning drawings include a vast array of plannings, from the basic interior to the final elevations. We deal in:

Site Plan Drawings: Our site plan drawings help you configure the exact structural positioning of the building and its boundaries.

Cross-Sectional Drawings: Through our accurate cross-sectional plans, we precisely depict all the visible and hidden elements in your property.

Elevation Drawings: Our elevation drawings give you a complete exterior view of the building from the front, back, and sides.

Finishing Drawings: We help get you a broader view of the floor coverings, mouldings, textures, and colours through our detailed finishing house planning drawings in Colchester.

Design Drawings: Using the latest 3D design software, we show the space’s aesthetics and overall flow for a clearer picture.

Our company is home to comprehensive architectural planning services for all your needs. Connect with us for more information.

Lines that Shape Your Imaginations

  • Krystal Architecture is where professionals move you through the initial phase of layout planning drawings to the final completion.
  • Our detailed drawings help project planners better understand how the building will look and function upon completion.
  • Our accurate digital drafts carry the project development process in the right direction.
  • We provide the necessary information for the construction staff to construct efficiently.
  • Having a perfect record of the home’s spaces and structure helps you identify nuances, making it feasible for you to build a safe and well-balanced building.
  • We provide a detailed record of the inner workings of a building and key information for its future maintenance.

Customised Services at One Call

Krystal Architecture is a place of quality and dedication. We offer bespoke architectural drawing services to our residential and commercial clients.

Whether you need planning drawings for your residence, commercial setup, or institute, we deal with all aspects. Connect with us and avail of our services as per your requirements.


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The cost of architectural drawings depends on the job’s complexity. We have economical packages for your convenience. For more details, you can reach our team.

Yes, of course. We offer customised services for architectural drawings to cater to all your concerns.

The time duration needed to complete your drawings depends on your project size. Whether there is a small or large project, we deliver perfect results within the agreed time.

Yes, we provide professional indemnity insurance, ensuring your protection against all kinds of damages.