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Architectural Planning Drawings in Brentwood

Whether you intend to construct a new home, extend an existing one, or plan a loft conversion, you need planning permission approval and ensure compliance with building regulations.

These approvals require the submission of technical or planning drawings, which are reviewed by the relevant authorities for approval. The drawings must accurately reflect all building aspects and comply with building codes if you want your application approved.

The planning drawings also serve as a blueprint and a roadmap for the construction project and are required at every step of the construction process. This is what we are best at. Our qualified and accredited architects ensure that your planning drawings in Brentwood (CM13, CM14, CM15) reflect accuracy, precision, and compliance, apart from meeting your requirements and preferences.

What Are Planning Drawings Required For?

  • New builds: Building a new home in Brentwood will require complete architectural plans submission to the planning permission and the building control department.
  • House extensions: Before house extensions can be carried out, you need to submit the architectural plans in Brentwood to the local council and the building control department.
  • Loft conversions (While some loft conversions may not require planning permission, they would still require building approval.)
  • Outdoor structures such as garages and sheds.
  • Other significant alterations and renovations.

Ensuring Accuracy

The success of house extensions, new builds, loft conversions, and other construction activities depends significantly on the accuracy of measurements. The planning and building control departments will scrutinise your architectural drawings in Brentwood for your construction project in detail. Although your permitted development rights can help you avoid the planning permission approval, you will still need to submit the drawings to both the planning and the building control department. Our team ensures that your drawings are accurate so that you can receive timely approval for your house extension, loft conversion, or new builds.


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Expertise Combined with Technology

Our architects use the most modern technology for capturing and creating the dimensions of the intended construction project. Whether you need a loft conversion or a house planning drawing in Brentwood, with 3D scanning, we can capture the entire blueprint of your existing home, including the dimensions and electrical installations and components locations.

3D scanning can also be used to capture and reproduce the technical drawings of any property. With the help of this technology, we can ensure 100% accuracy. We can create site plans, layout planning drawing Brentwood, floor plans, landscaping plans, and do a lot more with the help of 3D scanning. Our architects can use this technology to monitor your own house extensions or other construction activities and ensure that everything is going according to the plans.

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Why Choose Us?

  • We have an in-house team of accredited and certified architects who are also RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) chartered members, representing our commitment to our profession.
  • We offer comprehensive services for preparing and submitting architectural drawings to the relevant departments, such as the local council and the building control department.
  • We provide complete assistance throughout the approval process, coordinate with the concerned department, and resolve queries.
  • With the help of 3D scanning and the latest architectural software, we can ensure 100% precision while preparing the required planning drawings.
  • We offer our services at highly competitive rates while maintaining service quality throughout our relationship with you.