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Cost of Building a House in the UK | Complete Guide 2024

Cost of Building a House in the UK Complete Guide 2024

Thinking of building your home in the UK? Sounds like the dream of many people. Building a house is an overwhelming experience; even the mere thought can excite you. However, problems may start arising if you start your project without the cost calculations and prior planning.

Lack of knowledge regarding costs may lead to financial hurdles, disturbed construction and you may end up breaking the bank! That is why it is always advised to calculate the cost of building your home from scratch and what factors may affect the cost.

Getting cost estimates helps you prepare mentally and gives you a direction to design your budget.  So, if you have landed on this page, then congratulations! You are one step closer to the peaceful journey of building your dream home. Continue reading to get a cost estimate of building a home in the UK and the factors affecting it.

How Much Does Building a House Cost?

On average a standard house in the UK may cost you somewhere between £1,750 to £2,750 per square metre. However, if you are in London then the average cost of building a new home is £3,500 per square metre.

Yes, London is the most expensive place in the UK and it’s the second city globally that has the highest price of land! Read the blog further to explore further factors affecting the cost.

Moving back to the costs, the cost of the house is calculated predominantly on £ per square metre of the area. Building a home involves multiple phases with each one costing different than the other.

Here we have briefly explained the cost required for each phase during your house construction so you can understand everything in detail.

Cost of Buying a Land

It’s the first step, of course. The cost of the land you purchase may vary as you move across the UK, so you can’t get a cost estimate. For example, the cost of land in London is much higher than in other areas in the UK.

Project Management Cost

Once you have purchased the land, you need some external help to proceed with the further process. Hiring professionals is really important to efficiently complete your project. They help you guide at every step and lead the construction.

From material sourcing to hiring professionals, designing, constructing, and finishing the home, they do everything. They may take 5% of the total budget for your house construction. Some people try to self-manage to save their money. However, it’s highly not recommended if it’s your first time with construction.

Cost of Designing

An architect may take 7-15% of the total cost you have specified for your home. However, it’s the basic and essential step as it helps you get your vision into a practical design while ensuring maximum efficiency. Hiring professionals like Krystal Architecture can help you make the best out of your land with the best architectural design.

Cost of Designing

Site Preparation Cost

Once you have purchased the land and the design is completed, you need to state the construction work. But, before that, you need to ensure the site is clear of all the waste. So, the demolition and waste disposal services may cost you up to £5,000-£10,000.

The cost is less if it’s simple waste, but it may increase due to the presence of hazardous materials. The price also depends on the size of the land, your locality, the quality of services, and the time required to complete the demolition work.

Cost of Foundation Building

The average cost of building a foundation in London is £100 – £120 per square metre. The cost varies from area to area, your contractors, soil conditions, the type of foundation work you need, and other specifications.

Cost of Foundation Building

Cost For Installing Drainage System

Drainage system installation is an important step to channelise the water flow and ensure the soundness of the structure from water damage. In London, it may cost you around £500-£1000. In the case of additional work, you may have to pay more.

Cost of Roof Installation

Installing a roof means having myriad material options, types of installation methods, and other things that can affect the cost. However, you should definitely expect the cost of something between £5,000 and £6,000 for roof installation in London.

Cost Of Flooring

On average, the cost of flooring is £4 and £20 per square foot. Similar to roofing, the cost of flooring also depends on what type of flooring option you choose, i.e., carpets, tiles, laminates, wood, ceramics, or others, the area of the floor, and installation cost.

Cost Of Flooring

Cost of Ceiling

Installing a plasterboard ceiling may cost you £400 to £500 for a small room, £600 to £700 for an average-sized room, and £750 to £1000 for a large ceiling.

Cost of Making Walls

You can choose from different wall options available. Here are the costs of some of the most commonly preferred wall options:

  1. Cost of walls with emulsion paint followed by tiling: £64- £80/m²
  2. Cost of walls with wallpaper: £80m² and £96/m²

You can also go for cavity walls, which is a more expensive option, but you can save up to £160 annually.

Cost of Electrical Work

Electrical work is one of the most important phases, and it may cost you around £3,000 to £5,000 on average. Again, the cost may vary depending on the project specifications and any other challenges.

Heating and Plumbing Cost

The cost varies on the area of the project where plumbing is required. Plumbing in a 2-bedroom house costs £13,000 on average, a 3-bedroom house may cost £15,000 on average, and a 4-bedroom house costs £17,000 on average. Plumbing in the bathroom may cost around £1675. When it comes to installing a central heating system, it can cost you around £3750.

Heating and Plumbing Cost

Cost of building Bathroom and Kitchen

The cost of building a bathroom depends on what quality of material and accessories you want, whether you want a basic or a luxurious bathroom, and the size of the bathroom.

  1. Cost of making a standard bathroom: £3,500
  2. Cost of making a good bathroom: £5,400
  3. Cost of making a luxury bathroom: £8,700

A standard kitchen may cost you around £3,700 – £13,700. The price may vary again on the same factors as of bathroom. The cost may also vary if you want a kitchen extension.

Building a New Home v/s Purchasing a Pre-Built Home

Many people often get confused about what is the more affordable option, building a home yourself or purchasing a pre-built home? The answer is simple. Building your home as you can increase or cut off the expenses. It is customisable, which means you can choose everything from quality and design to what type of floors you want.

If we look at the average costs of both options, then the average cost of buying a house in the UK is £275 per square foot. On the other hand, making a house from scratch may cost you £160 per square foot on average.

Cost Structure for Different Sizes of Houses

Size of House Professional fees Cost Per Square Metre Total Estimated Cost
5-Bedroom House £48,000 to £72,000 £17,500 to £3000 £477,375
4-Bedroom House £43,000 to £66,000 £17,500 to £3000 £441,750
3-Bedroom House £36,000 to £54,000 £17,500 to £3000 £350,000
2-Bedroom House £27,000 to £42,000 £17,500 to £3000 £281,437

Factors Affecting the Cost of Home

Design of Your Home: Whether you are going with a basic design or want a luxurious house. The design of your home can considerably increase or decrease the cost of your home.

Size of The Project: As mostly the cost is calculated in pounds per square metre, so, the bigger the home is, the more cost it will take to complete it.

Geographical Location: In some areas, the cost of builders, construction materials, land, and other related factors is much higher than in others. So, your geographical location makes a big difference in the cost calculation.

Quality of Materials: The quality of the material that you are sourcing may significantly impact the cost of your house’s completion.

Construction Contractors: Many builders may charge you more than required, so it is important to choose the right house builders.

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